Kolkata News: Leading Kolkata, Minister promises to fill the city with e-vehicles by 2030

#Kolkata: As global warming intensifies around the world, and climate change is accelerating, most countries in the world are planning to build eco-friendly green cities. The metropolis of Kolkata is no exception. For the last several years, the state government has been trying to make Kolkata, Bidhannagar, Rajarhat – New Town an eco-friendly city.

The BCCI held a special discussion meeting at the meeting room of The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dalhousie on Wednesday. The United Nations Conference on “Accelerating Electric Mobility with Green Jobs and Gender Parity” was held in Glasgow, United Kingdom. At the same time this Alo Chanasabha was also held in the BCCI meeting room in Calcutta. Also present were the Minister of State for Transport, Firhad Hakim, Administrator of Calcutta Municipality and Chairman of HIDCO, Shubhdeep Ghosh, Director General of Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gautam Rai, Senior Vice-President of Bengal Chamber and representatives of various commercial organizations in Kolkata.

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State Transport Minister Firhad Hakim said, “Since 2011, plans have been made to create a smart city, a green city in the state. The city has long had an eco-friendly tram and an underground metro. Plans are afoot to launch a very fast-vehicle, electric bus. Already 300 government buses in Kolkata have been converted to CNG. More than 1,000 CNG buses will be launched soon.

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Newtown has already been identified as a Green City. The state government has made every effort to make the entire New Town environmentally friendly. Solar panels, separate bicycle tracks, public bicycle sharing systems, green buildings, electric charging stations are being constructed.

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In the coming days in Kolkata also with the help of CESC there will be electric charging stations at different places, where different electric vehicles will be able to charge. Firhad Hakim said that plans have been made to build Kolkata, New Town as a model in different cities of the entire state in the coming days. Top officials of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) said that the Chamber of Commerce would extend all possible assistance to the state government in the future.

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