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Kolkata News: Severe adulteration of famous company’s sauce, the body is being destroyed! Shocked EB officials


#Kolkata: In the age of fast food, we all eat rolls, chowmein, fried rice, momo akshar at different times. And with all these fast food, different types of sauces are almost a must. We also eat all these foods in different shops with different sauces. Sauce with a variety of foods, even at home, is now almost essential. And the sauces we eat, such as tomato sauce, chili sauce, red chili sauce, tomato chili sauce, soy sauce, momo sauce. Are those sauces right for the body? Many people think that low priced sauce may not be good, it is adulterated and it is not good to eat.

But this time serious allegations were made against a well-known company in Kolkata. On February 19, the Enforcement Branch raided a factory for making sauce, cassava, squash, chaumin and noodles under the name ‘Pau Chang’. A search of the factory of Messrs. Pau Chong Brothers Pvt.

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All the confiscated items were sent to the State Public Health Laboratory or State Food Testing Laboratory at Convent Road, Kolkata for testing and quality testing. After a long 3 months, the results of that test came up with shocking information. Not all confiscated products passed the quality test. Not only that, every sauce is extremely harmful to the human body. No harm was found in the quality of Kasundi in mustard alone.

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In the aftermath of this incident, Enforcement Branch 120B of Tangra Police Station has been involved in criminal conspiracy to cause death of a person, Section 420 (Fraud), Section 269 (Illegal transmission of any infection which is very bad for human body), Section 262 (Intentionally in food or drink). Harmful adulteration of the body – all these have filed a complaint.

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