Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Kolkata News: Shame on Kolkata, Civic Volunteer on the chest of a young man suspected of being a thief! This scene is circulating all over the country


#Kolkata: This is the exact scene of George Floyd in America on the streets of Kolkata! Allegations of police beatings are often heard. But Civic Volunteer is kicking a young man’s chest in the public street! No one can think that this scene has been seen before, but again on the streets of Kolkata! This scene of inhuman torture was seen on the streets of Calcutta this time. The incident took place at Rabindra Sadan Chattar on Sunday Evening. As soon as the video went viral, a storm of condemnation started. Although News18 Bangla did not verify the authenticity of the video.

The viral video shows a young man lying on the side of the road with a boot on his chest. He is wearing a green civic police uniform. He is actually a civic volunteer. And the young man lying on the ground was caught on suspicion of being a thief. Everyone around, however, was trying to escape from the hands of the civic volunteer. However, the young man was not able to free himself, but the civic volunteer was kicking the young man on the chest and back with his boots lying on the ground.

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When this happened, many people present captured it on camera. The video immediately spread on social media. There was a storm of criticism in the net world. Soumen Mitra, the Police Commissioner of Kolkata, came to the meeting as soon as he saw the matter. “I am very embarrassed to see the incident. I am sorry. The civic volunteer was fired overnight. All the traffic officers on duty at the time were called on Monday to find out how such an inhumane act took place despite so many officers being present at the scene,” he said. “There will be an investigation against the officers for breach of discipline.”

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According to police sources, the name of the accused civic volunteer is Tanmoy Biswas. He alleged that the young man had snatched the bag of a woman on a moving bus from Exide turn to Howrah on Sunday evening. Then when he ran away, the common people grabbed him and beat him. He was rescued by the police but the boy also tried to escape from the police. That’s when he grabbed her by the legs to stop her. Although it did not benefit. He has been dismissed. The people of Kolkata are shocked to see such incidents.

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