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Kolkata News: Sudden raid on sand thieves’ dormitory in the evening, big operation from tomorrow?


#Howrah: After the theft of sand from the Hooghly River was leaked, the administration became restless. On the other hand, Mamata Banerjee said from the stage of the administrative meeting of North Bengal, she will take strict action against sand theft. He instructed the police to take action irrespective of their opinion. Who owns the sand of Hooghly river? That question has been raised again and again. Howrah is asking the police commissioner to look into the matter. However, no movement of Howrah police was noticed till evening. On the other hand, the North Port police station of Kolkata police was in a state of turmoil. They also have one question, who is Bali? Finally, the officers of Uttar Bandar Police Station raided the Indira Ghat area of ​​Chitpur around 7.30 pm on Wednesday. They went and saw that the sand had come even today.

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That wet sand has been collected. There is also the sand of the previous day. However, the police have taken action, that is to say. The business of stealing white sand has been going on here for long twenty five to thirty years. Every day twenty to twenty-five boats pick up sand from the mouth of the Hooghly river, i.e. from the area near Belur. Some sand goes to the Howrah dam.

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The headwaters move to this side i.e. on both sides of Indira Ghat. Sand has been rising and being sold in the same way for a long time. Who is the head of this cycle? Many say Munna and Pradeep. These two are the heads of this cycle. He earns millions of rupees every day. When someone goes to protest, he gets scared. There is so much sand on the road that when a lorry or a car goes, the sand flies away and fills the houses on the side of the road. Since Munnara is powerful, there is no benefit in protesting. On Wednesday, the North Port Police Station went to the area and collected information on who was involved and how many transactions were going on. According to police sources, the police will launch a big operation from tomorrow. Several members of the sand theft ring have escaped.

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