Kolkata News || Table of sabotage in the city of the festival! Large quantity of explosives recovered before Christmas, arrested 2

#Kolkata: Two Bihar residents arrested in the city before Christmas with sophisticated firearms, 13kg of explosives. State police STF detectives made the arrest. The names of the arrested are Jamil and Shakil. According to STF sources, STF detectives arrested the miscreants from Patharghata of Sapurji bus stand in Technocity police station area. A carbine, a 9mm automatic pistol, two magazines and cartridges and 13 kg of explosives powder were recovered. STF detectives estimate that 13 kg of explosive arsenic sulfide, potassium nitrate was recovered.

How to arrest?

According to STF sources of the state police, Jamil and Shakil had come to Kolkata more than once before. Coming from Bhagalpur in Bihar by bus. Then named the Technocity area. After catching a taxi, STF chased and caught the taxi. Detectives already had the news. Jamil had a bag on his back. Firearms and explosives were recovered from the bag. Two people were arrested. According to STF sources, the weapons and explosives were supposed to reach the border area of ​​South 24 Parganas. So were the arms dealers using Kolkata as a transit route?

Were there any plans to carry out any sabotage in the city or suburbs before Christmas?

Saturday is Christmas. And before that, 13 kg of explosives were recovered from the city, spreading chaos in the area. A few months ago, STF arrested a group of arms dealers on a bus from Dunkuni and recovered several weapons, including carbines. This time again carbines and a large quantity of explosives were recovered in the city. Detectives are investigating whether Shakil and Jamil have any connection with those who were arrested earlier. Where was the South 24 Parganas to whom? How many times have you been arrested in Kolkata before? Who brought those weapons and explosives from Bihar? Detectives are looking for the answer to all this. The detainees are being questioned about who else is involved in this cycle.

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