Kolkata News: Take books without identity card, bookstore master builds library with savings

#Kolkata: As he walked down the street, he saw the ‘Patuli Street Library’ written on the side of the road. At first it seemed like a commercial library. Later, however, the error was corrected. Kalidas Haldar, a teacher at the Metropolitan Institution of the Boo Bazar branch. His pride was teaching in the school established by Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. And the headmaster of that school was Swami Vivekananda himself (184). Kalidas Babu, a bookworm initiated in that ideal.

In the words of Kalidas Babu, ” 30% of students have Android mobiles in their hands. The use of Android mobiles has increased with the closure of schools and colleges during the Emergency. They are using it for other purposes than studying. Everyone has been isolated from books for the last two years. “

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Those who do not get books, they are handing over books. From teenagers to youngsters, starting from Feluda, Chandmama, Shukatara, Aranyadev, Kalidas Babu is a new initiative to get these at hand and start studying. His wish is to build a library. Kalidas Babu’s son Kingshuk, a 10th class student, handed over seventeen thousand rupees saved from Tiffin to his father.

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With the savings of himself and his son, Patuli first collected three to four hundred books and started the library by placing the books in a small shop near Satyajit Park and a useless fridge next to it. The condition of this library is that you do not have to give any identity card. If you are interested in reading books, take books from there. The book must be returned within the specified day. This is how Kalidas Babu, ‘Patuli Street Library’ is going on. The library was started on February 21, 2020. There are still about 7,000 books in different languages. After two months, he will start mobile libraries in various slum areas of the southern suburbs. Every Friday, he will go to those areas in a Maruti van with books. Those who are interested, will read the books and return them.

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