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Kolkata News: The reluctance of some wards of Kolkata Municipality in the special program of vaccination, the concerned officials


#Kolkata: Reluctance to Ticker’s special program. This reluctance of at least three wards of Kolkata Municipality has made the citizens frustrated. From the mayor himself, the deputy mayor has rushed to spread awareness.

Diseases like chicken pox or measles are coming back as a result of not vaccinating children. A few days ago, several children from Beleghata ID Hospital in the area were admitted with chicken pox. Sources said that many people have been treated for it. At the same time, the number of immunizations of children in the municipal health centers was decreasing in these three wards on Wednesday.

After that the Calcutta Municipality took action. On Thursday, Mayor Firhad Hakim, Deputy Mayor Atin Ghosh and Kolkata Municipal Health Minister and UNICEF representatives were present at a special meeting. There, in the presence of local influential people, the residents of the area were given a message to stop prejudice and increase the participation of vaccinated children.

Various immunization programs for children have been going on for three months in the city. Vaccines like BCG, injectable polio vaccine, rotavirus are being given. But, according to the officials of the health department of Kolkata Municipality, despite the general response in all parts of the city, reluctance is being noticed among the people of the area in some places. Health workers are worried about that.

Deputy Mayor Atin Ghosh said that vaccination has been reduced from 20 to 30 percent in these three wards. He also thinks that this problem will be solved by taking initiative to convince the local people’s representatives.

Intensified missions were launched under the rainbow with special targets for March, April and May. According to health officials, this is a special campaign for children whose parents have not brought their children to the immunization center. But in other parts of the city, the response has been more or less the same.

In addition to children’s BCG and polio, five vaccines are given simultaneously in a single vaccine. Its name is pentavalent (resistant to hepatitis-B, diphtheria, tetanus, hemophilia, influenza B). In addition, vaccines for injectable polio vaccine, rotavirus, pneumococcal vaccine, measles and rubella, Japanese encephalitis were given. According to municipal sources, these vaccines create immunity. However, there is no cure for many of these diseases. Those who have treatment are quite expensive. Babies may have a little trouble getting vaccinated. But it is important to take these vaccines for their future health.

Mayor Firhad Hakim called on the people of the area to participate in the vaccination at the awareness camp at his constituency. He also explained the importance of vaccination for the health of children in the awareness camp.

Borough Chairman No. 15 Ranjit Sheel said the problem was not new. I have preached in these areas before. During pulse polio. Then the vaccination went well. I will make the people of the area aware with them again. There will be miking and awareness processions in the area every Wednesday.

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