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Kolkata News || The state will rehabilitate the affected families at Kashipur Ratan Babu Ghat


#Kolkata: The State Transport Department will rehabilitate the affected families at Ratan Babu Ghat in Kashipur. If they get alternative land, the transport department will give money to build a house there. The mayor and state transport minister Firhad Hakim said this in Kolkata municipality today. Deputy Mayor and Kashipur Belgachhia MLA Atin Ghosh visited the spot on Wednesday morning. Kartik Chandra Manna, Councilor of Ward No. 1 of Calcutta Municipality was also present. Atin Ghosh visited the affected landslide prone areas and Ganges Ghat. He then spoke with the affected families about rehabilitation and reassured the concerned residents.

Atin Ghosh gave detailed information about Ratan Babu Ghat to Mayor Firhad Hakim at the meeting of Kolkata Municipality Mayor’s Council on Wednesday afternoon. After that, the mayor and state transport minister Firhad Hakim said that all the ten families of Ratan Babu Ghat are living in dangerous condition. They have already been removed from the school. It is not safe to live there. If they get alternative land, the transport department will build a house for them. Earlier, Deputy Mayor of Kolkata Atin Ghosh visited the spot and assured the locals that the affected families would not have to face any difficulty even if the school was reopened. About 50 people from ten families have taken shelter in the school house. Deputy Mayor Atin Ghosh assured that if the school is opened, arrangements will be made to keep the affected family members in the community hall instead.

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After inspecting the site, Deputy Mayor Atin Ghosh said that there is a long drainage pipeline in the area. Drainage of the city through that pipeline was stopped on the instructions of the National Pollution Control Board. But the locals opened the barrier to remove the rainwater. As soon as the mouth wall of the drain is opened, water starts flowing through the drain again. Engineers are investigating whether the sewage leaked, even though the sewer was recently shut down on the orders of the Green Tribunal. Besides, construction work of jetty of transport department is going on. Large iron beams are also being piled up there. That is why it is estimated that this landslide may come down from the vibration. He assured the residents that necessary measures would be taken to find out the cause of the landslide and the municipality and state government were by the side of the affected families.

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Already, another landslide has been noticed by the locals in the garden of Rajbari adjacent to Ratan Babu Ghat. Kartik Chandra Manna, councilor of ward no. However, the municipality delegation will visit the area to see the nature of the landslide. Whether the erosion of the Ganges has started anew towards Kolkata is now a headache for the Calcutta Municipal Authority.


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