#Kolkata: Noise in Kolkata before the Kolkata pre-poll. Near Bypass (Kolkata News) 18 Bangladeshi nationals were arrested from Anandapur. Allegedly, the arrested persons did not have any valid documents. Police are investigating why these Bangladeshis came to Kolkata and went into hiding. However, the Lucknow ATS informed the Kolkata police against the arrested Bangladeshis. The Uttar Pradesh police called Lalbazar and informed that the Bangladeshis were hiding. On the basis of this, the gangster suppression branch of Lalbazar was named in the investigation.

According to police sources, the police found the building in Anandapur by tracking the phone location. Officers of the gang suppression branch raided there. 18 Bangladeshi nationals were arrested. However, after this incident, the BJP re-entered the assembly. The party’s state president Sukant Majumder alleged that the illegal Bangladeshis were hiding in the madrasa. In the words of BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh, “It has been going on since the Left era. Rohingyas have been taking refuge in this state for a long time. This incident proved it again. They were the ones who caused trouble after the assembly vote. Now the vote has come in Kolkata, so they have been brought again.

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Police are interrogating the 18 arrested persons at Anandapur police station. The purpose for which they came to Calcutta is being investigated. According to police sources, the ATS team came to Kolkata to arrest an accused from Uttar Pradesh. They sought the help of the Calcutta Police Intelligence Department to conduct the operation. The Calcutta police extended a helping hand to them. After that, 18 people were arrested in a raid in Gulshan area of ​​Anandapur. None of them have a valid identity card.

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The police have claimed that all the documents obtained from them are fake. Concerns are growing that so many Bangladeshis have been arrested together before the polls. According to Uttar Pradesh police sources, so many people came to arrest a man in a case of human trafficking. After that everyone was arrested.

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