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Kolkata News: Trekking without training is not death, Eco Adventure Camp is set up in income tax housing


#Kolkata: News of one death after another. Many people are shocked to see such tragic consequences for those who go trekking or climbing in love with the mountains. And a large portion of mountaineers say lack of proper training is one of the causes of death. So the wish is not to pack up and go out The mountaineers say to walk in the mountains with proper gadgets, planning and training. And that’s why the income tax department set up an eco-adventure camp in their Kolkata residence.

From the park you can get ready to climb the mountain. Its training will continue in the presence of eminent mountaineers. What’s in the Eco Adventure Park? There is artificial climbing wall, Burma bridge, net, rope everything. There are all kinds of modern gadgets for mountain climbing. And all this is being used to prepare how to climb the mountain. Mountaineer Malay Haldar is involved in this training session.

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“Rock climbing or adventure sports is actually a science. Calculations are involved in everything ৷ so if this type of training goes on regularly, the chances of going on an expedition are much lower,” Malay said. Krishnendu Parial supported the statement. He himself is involved with this training. He is also the secretary of this center

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He says, “Many Sherpas, many famous explorers will come here. We will camp from time to time. Preparations for both the physical and the mental will be done from here.” Krishnendu Babu’s two daughters Swargarohini and Kaushani have been accustomed to mountaineering since childhood. Two 11th graders have become accustomed to adventure sports since the Nature Camp. They also say that they will go ahead after completing all the steps of training in the coming days. Prominent mountaineer Malay Mukherjee considers this as victory.

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He said, “It’s not like I posted on social media and went climbing or trekking as a team. Everyone should understand that this should not be done without proper training. And so this work was started.” Family members of those involved will be given this opportunity. If you come to the camp tomorrow, everyone can come and get that opportunity. This episode will start this evening.

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