Kolkata News: Trinamool desperate to win High Court’s Lalbari, Law Minister makes roadmap himself

#Kolkata: The state has repeatedly felt uneasy in the post-poll unrest case, Narad case, SSC appointment case. Malay Ghatak, the state’s law minister, has called on the High Court to reduce the inconvenience. 213 alone in the assembly, but why not win the High Court election! With such information in mind, Malay Ghatak, the state law minister, set a target on Sunday at the Vijaya Sammilini Mancha of the Trinamool Congress lawyers’ cell.

In the fourth week of November, he made a roadmap for the election of the Bar Association with all his might. Hundreds of lawyers were present on the stage adjacent to Subodh Mallick Square. The presence of eye-catching female lawyers. Apart from the state law minister, MP Sukhendu Shekhar Roy, Aparupa Poddar, Vaishwanar Chattopadhyay, Sardar Amjad Ali, Ansar Ali Mandal, Bhaskar Vaishya, Sanjay Vardhan and many others were also present at the victory conference.

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The presence of members of the Trinamool Lawyers Cell in the Kolkata High Court bar elections is very important. Despite winning the Trinamool seat in the previous elections, important posts like president and secretary were taken over by the BJP. The Congress and the Left have some impressions. Sardar Amjad Ali is contesting for the post of president of the Trinamool panel in the forthcoming elections. Unlike Amjad, Arunav Ghosh of the Congress. As is customary in Ukilpara, the High Court Bar creates a somewhat advantageous position in court management for those who occupy it. So the Malay Ghatkars are in favor of snatching victory in the next High Court election.

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MP Sukhendu Shekhar Roy said that the term of CBI and ED officials is being extended by issuing an ordinance. The decision has been taken against the BSF law by covering 50 km instead of 15 in the state. The area adjacent to the border is mentioned in the central law. It is against the law for BSF to enter within 50 kilometers. To be ready to fight for all such illegal BJP jobs, the grassroots lawyers have to win the vote in the High Court. Trinamool Congress returns to power for the third time with a huge mandate in the state. On Sunday, law minister Malay Ghatak’s totka will increase the grassroots vote, the future will answer.

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