Kolkata News: What are the packets in the store? The police raided the big market

#Kolkata: If raw fennel is given to the mouth after a meal, then the taste of the mouth changes. Which is on the market as raw fennel. Do you know that it is not raw! That fennel is actually dyed. Many people say that green is ‘snow color’. Tonnes of these raw fennel are being sold daily at the Posta Market in Kolkata.

The enforcement branch of the Calcutta Police had been keeping an eye on the matter for some time. On Saturday, an officer of the enforcement branch, Yugalkishore Da Dalbal, 45B, raided a shop called ‘Ma Kamakhya Enterprise’ in Kalikrishna Tagore Lane. From there, detectives recovered 150 kg of green anise. Earlier, the Enforcement Branch had collected anise and sent it to the laboratory for testing.

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Yugal Babu claims, “Tests have shown that green dye is used with industrial dyes, which is harmful to human health.” He arrested shop owner Arun Kumar Gupta and other owners of the shop for adulterating food and running a crime ring. Experts claim, “Food adulteration is almost at the top in our state, the big market area of ​​Kolkata. It is such a crowded market that the police have to find enough speed to find it. However, the method of adulteration in food is changing day by day.

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According to sources, the crime cycle is also increasing outside Kolkata, leaving Kolkata. In this case, the enforcement branch of the West Bengal Police is not very active. Dr. Prashant Biswas, a researcher at Jadavpur University, said: Humans can have genetic changes. “

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