Kolkata News: Why is malaria on the rise in Kolkata? The reason for the surprise came to the fore

#Kolkata: This time around 8,000 people have been infected with falciparum malaria in Kolkata. And the number of dengue cases is less than 6 percent last time. Which is about a thousand in number. On the one hand, the corona infection, on the other hand, many people who came to work in the city could not return to their homes. As a result, malaria has increased to a great extent due to living in a crowded house or godown.

On Wednesday, Abu Sufian brought a delegation from the Kolkata Slum Development Council and Atin Ghosh, a member of the Calcutta Corporation’s governing body and in charge of health, said there had been a lot of rain this year. With lots of people could not go out of the house for lockdown. The city has various slums, godowns and stations, large hospitals. Where lots of workers and people lie together.

Blood tests were carried out from house to house by the municipality. At that time, a new type of malaria was found in their blood samples. Whose name is falciparum malaria. However, he blamed the increase in malaria on a lack of awareness among patients.

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“Most patients do not have a 15-day hospital stay after malaria,” he said. After taking the medicine for a few days, the fever subsided and they stopped taking the medicine. As a result, the malaria virus remains in the blood of the body. As a result, the malaria virus is spreading more and more. There are also patients who do not have any symptoms of malaria in their body.

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Atin Ghosh also said, “Blood tests have been reduced from 6 percent to 19 percent by the municipality. The municipality is still investigating the areas where water is stagnant. If water is frozen, immediate action is being taken. As a result, this time the percentage of dengue is 6 percent less than last time. This time, the number of dengue patients is still 1000 thousand.

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