Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Kolkata News: Will you install the tower? Forget the phone to the police! Huge screen in Bidhannagar


#Kolkata: ‘Where there is fear of tigers there is evening’ – this proverb is widely spread in Bengal. And the stupidity of the Froststars matched with him. The swindlers unknowingly phoned the top officials of the state police and gave them the bait to set up a mobile tower! Phone calls also come to the top officials of Bhabani Bhaban itself. The CID Cyber ​​Crime Department officials found the location of the illegal call center.

Which is called ‘cutting the canal and bringing the crocodile’. Ten people were arrested by CID in this incident. The shocking incident took place in Bidhannagar Technocity area. According to CID sources, the illegal call center had been running for almost two years. CID has arrested ten people for running an illegal call center. The names of the victims are Antra Sen, Arpita Mandal, Radha Minaj, Mabira Khatun, Sourav Kumar Dutt, Tapbrat Banerjee, Tafsir Azam, Abhishek Kumar, Hemant Hazra, Devkant Singh. CID recovered mobile phones, laptops, documents, hard disks, CPUs and land phone receivers from the spot.

Illegal call center was running with a shiny office rent of two lakh rupees per month. They used to offer big money with bait in the name of installing famous mobile towers. Allegedly, he used to swindle millions of rupees on various excuses for uploading online documents and various fees if he agreed.

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How was the whereabouts of the illegal call center? According to CID sources, top officials of the state police had been receiving calls from specific numbers for some time. Asked on the phone, whether there is space. If you are interested in installing a mobile tower, big money is offered. But before that you have to upload the documents online and pay some registration fee. It was not too late for the IPS officers in Dundee to understand the deception as many of them got phone calls. They understand that there is a big deception behind this.

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The illegal call center is being set up in the Technocity area of ​​Bidhan Nagar to find out the whereabouts of Hadis Mela. A total of ten people were arrested by the CID cyber crime officers after conducting a search till late night on Tuesday. According to CID sources, the fraudsters did not know that the series of numbers they were calling contained the numbers of state police chiefs. As a result, the fraudsters are in danger of trying to fool other ordinary people in the same way they have cheated millions of rupees. There are men and women among the victims. For the last two years, they have fooled the common people and swindled millions of rupees. Five lakhs from some to 6 lakhs from others. The illegal call center behind the corporate look was doing business every month. But the last was not saved.

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