Kolkata News: With no mother, the final harassment over getting a bed for a child with cancer in Kolkata!

#Kolkata: The child patient was not admitted to the ICU of the medical college as there was no mother or woman with the child. Dinesh Orao, a tea garden worker from North Bengal, also came with a cancer infection in his child’s blood. From Alipurduar District Hospital in North Bengal to Kolkata via Siliguri Hospital. A health worker from the tea garden came with Dinesh.

They arrived in Kolkata on Monday morning. First PG Hospital, then Medical College Hospital. Returned from all places. Medical College Hospital was informed from the emergency, to see a doctor outdoors. At first the doctor sent him back from the outdoors. To request again, the doctor prescribes admission to the ICU and blood transfusion. When the young child is admitted to the ICU, since there is no woman with him, he sends the dying child back for him.

The baby’s name is Nikhil Orao (6) and he is very ill. Now the teeth are slowly falling out. The amount of hemoglobin in the body is 4.8 g / dL. The body has become numb. At the moment, Dinesh Orao is lying the seven-year-old in a dirty place next to the emergency room of the Medical College Hospital. The condition of the body with the boy’s shortness of breath. Family members suspect something bad could happen if they don’t get treatment now. They also need oxygen.

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Talking to Dr Manab Nandi, the superintendent of the medical college hospital, he said, “The mother or any other woman is needed to keep the child in the ICU. Otherwise, who will see that sick child? ‘ Knowing the condition of the patient, he assured to take action. No woman can come from Alipore gate of North Bengal at this moment. Although the people of the house tried. There was no way to get a train ticket. Finally, at around 7 pm, with the help of Super, the dying child was admitted to the ICU of the children’s department of the hospital.

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