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#Kolkata: Kolkata 7 has been shrouded in thick fog since morning Which also affected the flight from Kolkata Airport (Kolkata Airport) According to airport sources, all flights have been delayed due to reduced visibility since this morning (Kolkata Weather Update).

Kolkata and adjoining areas were covered in thick fog since this morning Apart from the airport, New Town, VIP Road, Jessore Road, EM Bypass, Kolkata Maidan, Dharmatala – everything was covered with a blanket of fog.

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Visibility at Calcutta Airport has dropped below 100 meters since dawn Seeing the situation, the use of artificial light in Cat Three technology was used to keep the aircraft moving This technology is used only when the visibility falls below three hundred and fifty meters However, due to this, no aircraft is able to take off and land on time

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Airport authorities hope the situation will return to normal However, as many flights have landed late in the morning, it will take some time for the service to return to normal.

Not only is there difficulty in getting on and off the plane, but traffic is also a problem since morning due to low visibility. All the vehicles have been plying on the streets of Kolkata since morning The sky in Kolkata is also cloudy in most places However, according to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, the sky of Kolkata should be clear from today

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