#Kolkata: Kolkata police has formed a seat in Kashipur following the mysterious death of BJP leader Arjun Chaurasia. A three-member seat has been formed on behalf of the state government today. Homside, Chitpur police officer SIT has been formed. Officers from the seat’s investigation team are already inspecting the scene.

Investigating officers spoke to his grandfather on behalf of Arjun Chaurasia’s family after visiting the scene on Sunday. The SIT has issued a notice to the family to give it to the investigators if they know the password and e-mail of Arjun Chaurasia’s mobile.

On the other hand, the death of Arjun Chaurasia in Kashipur has created a new mystery surrounding a mysterious car. The deceased’s grandfather claimed that a four-wheeler came on the road in front of the house on the night of the incident.

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Arjun Chaurasia’s great grandfather Anand Chaurasia claimed, “On the night of the incident, a car came. I saw the car coming from the bridge in the morning and stopped at our house. I doubt if anyone came in that car. He said, “There was no trouble between the brothers. Arjun used to come from Beirut office from time to time.”

Meanwhile, the CC camera footage of the car with which the new grain is being planted has been captured on the CC camera of a factory in the area. The car arrived at around 12.15 pm on the night of the incident and was caught on CCTV. The deceased’s grandfather claimed, “No one came to call Arjun on the night of the incident but before that sometimes someone would come and call Arjun at night. It is not known who or what. No. The next day Arjun’s hanging body was found. We don’t know who he was targeting. “

Details coming …

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