Kolkata Police | KMC Elections 2021: A car entered Kolkata on the night before the election, two young men inside and …. arrested for searching!

#Kolkata: Kolkata Police is working to make the election of KMC Elections 2021 peaceful. On polling day, 22,000 police personnel were deployed in Kolkata. However, the Kolkata police had already started checking the naka at the entrance of Kolkata. According to the source, two youths were caught with firearms in Taratala area on Saturday night.

Police sources said a pistol and ammunition were recovered from them. It is learned that they came to Taratala from Bajwaj. Police suspect that they had gathered for some nefarious purpose. The two were arrested. According to police sources, the arrested are Soumen Malakar alias Neel and Nishan Chowdhury alias Golu. Officers of the hooliganism branch of the Kolkata police stopped and searched their vehicle on Saturday night while they were checking Naka on Taratala Road. A seven-mm pistol and five rounds of ammunition were recovered from their vehicle. Two people were arrested immediately.

In fact, on Sunday, the police are also fearing unrest in Kolkata on election day. So the police have been working to keep the city calm even before the election. Naka search is going on all night. At that time, two youths were arrested in Taratala with firearms. Police are investigating the purpose for which they were entering Kolkata with firearms or ammunition. Both the youths will be taken to court today.

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Police were seen checking nakas at various entrances to the city even before the polls. Police are searching everything from the four-wheeler to the two-wheeler, from the accompanying bag to the floor of the car seat. The registers of various hotels in the city have also been checked by the police. Today, holding a peaceful election is a big challenge for the Kolkata Police. It is reported that 23,000 Kolkata police personnel have been deployed for the polls. 5500 forces have been deployed by the state police. Section 144 will continue up to 200 meters from the polling station. There are 25 QRT teams in all sensitive areas. There are 34 HRFS teams.

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According to police sources, 140 motorcycles will be patrolling across Kolkata today. State police and Kolkata police are jointly checking the naka at a total of 50 places at the entrances to Kolkata. River police are on patrol on the Hooghly River. Each booth will have a police officer with the rank of sub-inspector. There will also be other forces.

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