Kolkata Police: More than 1000 kg of burnt mobiles polished with adulterated black! 3 arrested from Barabazar

Kolkata: The police had great success before Pujo. Fake blackmail gang arrested in Kolkata. The lorry arrives at the big market in Kolkata on Friday morning in a racket of alteration of spices, polished with burnt mobiles. The Enforcemen Brunch of Kolkata Poice arrested Lori on a tip-off.

According to police sources, the lorry was carrying 1100 kg of fake black cumin in 222 sacks. Coriander polished with sulfur was 55 sacks, each containing 45 kg. That lorry came from Nadia Chapra. Every day he enters Calcutta in this black car. Allegedly, since people prefer black cumin, the unscrupulous traders mix black color with burnt mobiles and send it to the market only after making it black. In addition, sand is mixed with cement to make it black. Which is like poison for people to play.

Dr. Prashant Kumar Biswas, a researcher and professor at Jadavpur University, said, “Since cumin is mixed with burnt mobile, it contains carbon, heavy metal, chemical oxygen demand or COD. It also contains arsenic, cadmium, lead, selenium etc. As a result, there is a possibility of carcinogen or cancer in the human body.

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He also said that the way coriander seeds are polished with broken sulfur in a closed room contains fungi. From that fungus various terrible toxins are made. Such as Vero Toxin, Afla Toxin etc. Which is very terrible in human body.

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Earlier, detectives collected samples of black cumin and coriander seeds from Hariom Traders at 8th Street in Posta area and sent them to the laboratory for testing. The report of that test comes, which is said to be very harmful to the human body. On Saturday, Lori was arrested on the basis of that information. Lorry loaded the goods and came to the godown of Om Traders. Laxmikant Shaw, owner of Om Traders, was arrested on charges of dealing in adulterated goods. Satya Ranjan Biswas and truck driver Madan Prasad have also been arrested on charges of involvement in the scam.

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