#Kolkata: From morning till noon on both sides of Dhundhumar town. Campaign of TET job seekers to go to Kalighat from Hajra junction. On the other hand, campaign of SLST candidates from Babughat to Netaji Indore.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Wednesday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. The police have gone foolish at first in every place.

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Ten o’clock in the morning. Job seekers who had passed the TET examination began to gather at the scattered two-four thousand intersections. Police first arrested 5-6 people from in front of Jatin Das Park metro station.

The police thought no one else would come. But after a while it was seen that a procession of about 100 people came towards the Hajra junction from the direction of Kalighat. Along with the scattered job seekers also gathered.

At that time the police were standing there with a small force. Hajra turn is the busiest place. Some distance away is the Chief Minister’s house. The blockade lasted for more than half an hour. However, the police arrested everyone and took them away. One of them became very ill.

On the other hand, whenever the SLST job seekers in Babughat cross the river from Howrah, some of them are arrested by the police.

The Chief Minister came to Netaji Indore. So the protesters marched from the field in front of Eden very fast and almost reached Netaji indoors. In this case, the police gave up. Although the police finally managed.

A man named Raju Das fell out of the car while being taken away. The police took him to the hospital. Surprisingly, the failure of police intelligence was seen in two cases.

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Police did not have an ambulance ready anywhere. As a result, the police had to transfer the patients to the hospital in critical condition. Many people are questioning that lately some people are delaying the city in both protest meetings and processions. In that case, why is the police in the role of spectator first?

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