Kolkata Police News || Insulated kiosks on Tilottama highway like Bangalore, Kolkata Police being high-tech

#Kolkata: The traffic kiosks of Kolkata Police are going to be high-tech. This new kiosk will be made keeping in mind the weather and adopting insulate method. The new state-of-the-art kiosk has already been set up at the intersection of Park Street for traffic police on duty. If successful, these insulated kiosks will be seen on different streets of the city in the next few months.

While crossing the road, you may suddenly hear an announcement from the Traffic Police of Kolkata Police. Whether it’s during office hours or on an important day, or in an emergency, the driver will be able to get out of the car on the road, which is going to be controlled in a high-tech way. Not just announcements, there are digital boards, through which any message from the traffic control room can be delivered to the drivers if required. In other words, for the city dwellers, there will be a state-of-the-art traffic kiosk on Tilottama Road. Not only that, according to Lalbazar sources, this new digital kiosk has been made keeping in mind the weather situation in accordance with the Insulate method.

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What’s in this Insulate Kiosk?

* The traffic police keep the city of Kolkata active from the sun-water-cold roads. So keeping their words in mind, there is a fan arrangement inside and a seating area.

* Small desk, where the on-duty policeman can do the necessary official papers work.

* There is a microphone inside the kiosk to deliver any message needed by the people.

* In keeping with the digital age, there is a digital board on the outside of the kiosk, through which any necessary directions will be displayed for pedestrians and drivers.

* There is a first aid box inside the kiosk. In addition to the mobile charger point.

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According to DC Traffic, experimental use of the kiosk has begun at Park Street Crossing. These new kiosks in PPP model will be set up in different parts of the city in the coming days in a joint venture of Incoda and Kolkata Police. But now only one kiosk is being used experimentally.

Incidentally, this type of sophisticated kiosk is used in Bangalore. However, if all goes well, Lalbazar has set a target of 164 Insulate Kiosks in the city in the next four to five months.

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