Kolkata Police rescues missing, mentally unbalanced woman

#Kolkata: Kolkata Police always tries to be by the side of the people. Evidence of this has been found many times. They rescued people lying neglected on the streets. Not only this, with the help of this medicine he can be cured. Not only people but also dogs and cats were seen helpless in the streets but Kolkata police was seen coming forward. Time and again their human form has come to the fore.

In a recent incident, the Kolkata Police set an example of humanity again. The incident took place yesterday evening. A woman was walking on the street like crazy. The news came to the Kolkata police. What they did after that was really amazing. The incident was reported on their Facebook page by the Kolkata Police today.

It reads, “Yesterday evening incident. News came to Haridebpur police station, a woman was wandering aimlessly in Satyen Park area, hubby seems to be mentally unbalanced. He was rescued and taken to the police station, where arrangements were first made to change his clothes, but then it was found that he could not say anything about himself, not even his name.

The search started through the source and the search for the missing persons at several police stations continued. After many attempts, it is finally known that a woman resident of Fultala area of ​​Baruipur has been missing since November 14. A complaint has been lodged with the Baruipur police station to the effect that her family has announced a reward of Rs 50,000 if they can find her. Her identity was confirmed by contacting her family members and sending them pictures of the woman. It is also learned that her husband is working as a constable in Panchsayar police station. Happily, we were able to return the woman to her family. Good luck to them. “

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Don’t find a mentally unbalanced woman! To take full care of him. And the Calcutta Police responsibly carried out the task of returning him to his family. However, the woman’s husband himself is working in the police! There was also a reward of 50 thousand rupees in the name of that woman. If he can be found, the reward will be given. By doing this, Kolkata Police once again brought to the fore their human form.

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