#Kolkata: It is a far cry to go to Vinh state to get help to catch the miscreants, the police of that state have sent away the correspondence. The Kolkata Police has sought the help of the CBI to get justice in this case. The Calcutta High Court directed the two state police chiefs (DGPs) to discuss the issue. The lower court has been directed to implement the order within a month.

Recently, a complaint was lodged against a man named Siddhartha Kothari at Battala police station of Kolkata police for embezzling crores of rupees. After that, the accused fled from this state and hid elsewhere. Police found out that the accused is in Chhattisgarh. Kolkata police reached Chhattisgarh with the order issued by the lower court. Allegedly, local people were incited against the police when they reached the accused’s house in Durg Thana area of ​​Chhattisgarh.

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Further allegations have been made in the case. It is said that there was cooperation with the local police but no cooperation was found. They also threatened to go back. Eventually, a case was filed in the Calcutta High Court seeking the cooperation of CBI or CID to nab the accused.

Today, the Kolkata Police filed a direct petition before the High Court seeking an agency like CBI or CID to arrest the culprit. The whole incident was told in the single bench of Justice Rajshekhar Mantha. The Kolkata police said the accused had a close relationship with the Durg district police superintendent. Considering the situation, Justice Manta directed the state police chief to contact the Chhattisgarh police chief. The court wanted to know the progress of the matter within a month. Otherwise the help of an independent organization will be taken.

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