#Kolkata: Three Kolkata Police fighters rushed the sick patient to the hospital with an ambulance wrecker. A wrecker was dragging an ambulance along with a sick person, and pedestrians were shocked to see this scene last evening. Relatives were taking a critically ill elderly woman from Belur to BR Singh Hospital in an ambulance around 06.30 pm on Wednesday. The 75-year-old was being taken to hospital with oxygen support.

After crossing the Howrah Bridge, the ambulance went bad. The matter came to the notice of Howrah Bridge Traffic Guard Officer-in-Charge, Inspector Amaresh Ghosh. Some distance away was Soumendu Bhattacharya, Additional Officer-in-Charge of Howrah Bridge Traffic Guard. Two policemen started searching for the ‘Karma’ ambulance of the Kolkata police. But that ambulance was busy with another patient. Instead of waiting for another ambulance, they decided to take help from the breakdown car. But who will take the patient in that car? That’s when the ambulance will take the patient to the hospital with the wrecker kept for the breakdown car.

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The whole incident was reported to the Lalbazar Traffic Control Room. Help is sought from them. The ‘Green Corridor’ was constructed under the supervision of the Traffic Control Room. In front of the raker, two policemen escorted the bike and took the ambulance forward. Howrah Bridge Traffic Guard Sergeant Durga Shankar Hazra led the way to BR Singh Hospital after monitoring the entire road. Seeing this scene, a lot of people stood on both sides of the streets of Kolkata. From time to time the sound of applause comes from both sides of the road. The elderly woman was rushed to the hospital safely. A few days ago, we saw an inspector of the Kolkata Police save the life of a person who reached the hospital by putting a sick biker in his car on the second Hooghly Bridge. A few days ago, the woman injured in the accident was healed and handed over to her missing family by the police of Charu Market Police Station. One example after another, the Kolkata Police is setting an example.

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