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Kolkata Police: Veterans drowning in exhaustion, Kolkata Police trying to make a fresh start with ‘Belashuru’


#Kolkata: Loneliness is growing in the city. Depression is now spreading like a contagion from house to house. Loneliness is on the rise, sometimes leading to death.

Most of the residents of the educated society are now suffering from mental depression. Towards the end of his life, many residents of the city are suffering from loneliness and mental depression. Part of the elderly living in TBHK flats in the city leaving their children for work or personal reasons.

During the coronation period, their depression increased due to various reasons. Life under house arrest is very different from this society. Joy from social gatherings, nothing was possible for a section of the elderly people of Tilottama.

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The elders were seen in the auditorium of the bodyguard line of Kolkata police on Saturday afternoon. After passing the Corona episode, the elders entered the cinema hall for the first time on Saturday afternoon. It can be said that after the beginning of the movie, you started watching movies.

Many of the city’s elders try to keep themselves busy to forget loneliness. Atul Singh said, you have to be alone, it is true, but I do not want to be alone through work. I will watch a movie again after Corona. Mudhurima Sen said, “I was trying to remember the last time I saw a movie with so many people.” We are really alone at night.

Feeling feudal said, this initiative is really good. Just thinking about being alone. All the instructors from the Belashuru crew were present in the auditorium of Kolkata Police on Saturday. Besides praising the initiative of showing the movie in this way, Shivprasad Mukherjee, the director of Belashuru, advised the elders to move away from depression by showing movies in the neighborhood as before.

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Kolkata Police Commissioner Binit Goel said the initiative was a way to keep the elderly away from loneliness and mental exhaustion. Attempts have been made to explain through this seminar that this is how it can be started.

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