#Kolkata: The personal mobile phone password of slain BJP youth leader Arjun Chaurasia has not been found yet. Arjun’s grandfather Anand Chaurasia remained in the same position with the investigators in Lalbazar after the police station. He claimed that the investigating officers wanted to know the password of the mobile again on Thursday. He replied that he did not have the password of his brother’s mobile.

When Arjun Chaurasia was found hanging last Friday, his mobile phone was in his pocket. The police confiscated it. It will be sent for forensic examination. Lalbazar thinks that any information can be obtained from that mobile during the investigation. But the password is blocked. Sources said that the data collection is being hampered as it is not available yet. In this case, the help of experts may be sought to open the password with the permission of the court. Investigators have already received some information from the CDR. Lalbazar got all the information that Arjun had talked to on the phone the day before.

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Note that Arjun’s mother, grandfather and brother came to Lalbazar shortly after 12 noon. They were summoned to Lalbazar for investigation. They left Lalbazar in a Chitpur police vehicle after 4.30 pm.

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Anand demanded from the officials of Lalbazar that the cause of death of his brother should be investigated and released. Anand said that they will cooperate in this investigation. He further claimed that during the interrogation at Chitpur police station on Wednesday, the investigators wanted to know again about the issues related to Arjun. Investigators wanted to know more about Arjun’s work and income and expenses. Investigating officers went to Arjun’s house on Wednesday and questioned his mother. He also came to Lalbazar on Thursday. He was also interrogated.

—- Amit Sarkar

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