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#Kolkata: Kolkata Police Commissioner Soumen Mitra said that the police will be in charge of the security of the Munichpal Election Kolkata. On Wednesday, he said, “The voting will be peaceful and there will be no noise. We will be able to conduct the polls in our own area with our own police. With the force we have, with the senior officers we have, we will be able to vote without hindrance. “

Kolkata Police Commissioner Soumen Mitra held a meeting with OCs, Additional OCs and ACs of all police stations on the occasion of crime meeting and pre-vote at Alipore Body Guard Line on Wednesday. There, after the meeting, he informed about the security of the pre-vote. This is probably the last crime meeting of Kolkata Police Commissioner Soumen Mitra. According to police sources, during the crime meeting on Wednesday, the Kolkata Police Commissioner directed the police station to ensure that there is no unrest in the area of ​​Kolkata Police during the pre-poll so that there is a peaceful vote. In order to maintain the reputation of the Calcutta Police, it is necessary to ensure that the voting is conducted in a neutral and peaceful manner.

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This time in the municipal polls, from the polling booth in the area of ​​Kolkata police to the road outside the booth, all the responsibility of Kolkata police. As a result, there are more challenges in this bar. He instructed that Naka should be checked at various important places in Kolkata. Must be closely monitored. Extra surveillance should be maintained in sensitive areas. Emphasis should be placed on nose searches at entry and exit points of the city.

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On the same day at noon, the officers of Kolkata Leather Complex Police Station of Kolkata Police conducted a thorough search on Basanti Highway. Cars, motorcycles are asked to see the paper. The door of the car was opened and searched. It is checked whether anyone is coming with any suspicious object. This is how the Naka search started at the entry and exit points in the city before the pre-poll. If there is any suspicion, the car is stopped and Naka is searched. All in all, it can be said that the Kolkata Police is fully prepared to hold a peaceful vote on all occasions on the occasion of the Kolkata Purvot.


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