#Kolkata: Suddenly a school bus with students got lost in Kolkata. Extreme panic and commotion have spread across the city due to this incident. It is learned that three school buses carrying about 40 students of Shiksha Niketan in Salt Lake suddenly disappeared. Salt Lake Education Niketan opened the school for the first time today. Even after a long time of school holidays, the students did not return home and there was intense excitement among the parents. (Kolkata School Bus Missing)

The parents said that the Salt Lake Education Niketan School in Mahishbagan opened on Friday. The school holidays are over by 11 o’clock. But after a few hours, no Padua returned home. Concerned parents. It is learned that no trace of the three buses was found. After that the parents went to the school and started protesting. Police from Electronics Complex police station reached the spot.

Parents protest at a school in Salt Lake Parents protest at a school in Salt Lake

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Parents complained that even the school bus drivers could not be contacted on their mobile phones. Parents arrived at the school worried. School authorities claim the bus was delayed due to mechanical faults. However, the parents were reluctant to accept the school’s demand as they could not communicate with the bus driver. Anxiety has consumed them.

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The school children finally returned home after the intervention of the police of Electronic Complex police station. According to police sources, the delay was due to systemic problems. According to the police, every child has reached home in a safe condition. Parents have been abused by the school authorities as well as the media, but they have been mistreated by the school authorities. Such allegations have been made on both sides.

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