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Kolkata Slum Dwellers: Kolkata Slum Dwellers initiative to give their own specific address to the slum dwellers of the city


Kolkata: The slum dwellers of Kolkata do not have a specific home address. Someone’s or slum number 10, again someone’s address is Laha Colony. In this way, the slum dwellers used to give their home address for so long. Again there are many slums where there are more than one person with the same name and surname. As a result, it becomes difficult to find people when it comes to specific tasks. Then you have to find the identity in the name of father or grandfather. One’s thing reaches another’s house, this has always been the case.

There are 30-50 houses in a slum, somewhere more than a hundred. The address is that one. This time the Calcutta Municipality eased the maze of addresses. The slum department of Calcutta Municipality and a voluntary organization have already started work on the ground to make things easier.

Unique identification numbers are being affixed to every house in the slums of Kolkata. This special number will act as your own address. Numbers and words combine to make eight numbers. There are four more numbers for the municipality’s own information. Reported by Swapan Samaddar, Mayor, Councilor, Slum Division, Kolkata Municipality.

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There are 3690 slums in Kolkata city. In which one and a half thousand big slums. Across a vast area. However, in the case of such slums, it is very difficult to find a specific person if there is a government service or an online order in a house. This time this special number gave the slum dwellers their own address. Deliverymen no longer have to go door-to-door when slum dwellers order online. Google will tell the recipient’s location as soon as they get the unique number. It will take everyone to the right door of that house. Correspondence or government benefits will reach the slum dwellers in the same way.

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A voluntary organization is working to give new addresses to the slum dwellers at the initiative of the slum department of Kolkata Municipality. This work will be done in three steps. The first step, initially the survey. That is to determine the location of the house. The second step is to fix the unique identification number that will be included in the number and word in that location and create that number plate. The third step is to collect certain information by talking to the family while affixing the number plate.

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Does the concerned family have ration card? If so, what kind of card? Who has Aadhaar card or voter card? Are there any senior citizens or widows in the house? Does anyone in the family have a disability? The organization is collecting all that information on behalf of the Calcutta Municipality.

This work has been going on throughout the city for several days now. This work has already started in 50 wards so far. In some of these wards the work is nearing completion. This work will be started soon in other wards also. All the slums of 144 wards of Kolkata Municipality will be given their own address or unique identification number, said Swapan Samaddar, Mayor of Kolkata Municipality (Slum).

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