While the government is promoting social awareness about corona, the use of mask sanitizers is increasing day by day, at a time when the picture is a little different in sweet shops and factories in the Girish Park police station area of ​​North Kolkata. Covid19 unawareness in sweet shop. Many are even sitting side by side making sweets. They said, “It’s very hot in the factory, so don’t wear a mask.”

This kind of excuse was seen in most of the confectionery factories. Ordinary buyers are buying sweets while standing in that sweet shop. Although there is a law on food and safety in our country, its implementation is not good. According to experts, confectioners make sweets with empty hands. As a result, the dirt accumulated on the corners of the hands or the nails gets mixed with the sweets directly. Many a times the fungus of the artisan’s finger mixes with the sweet and causes terrible damage to the human body. And that loss is so slow, the consequences of which are not immediately understood.

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It can be seen that where the sweets are being made, the artisans all walk by its side. As a result, the bacterial infection in sweets becomes very easy. Irregularities that have been going on day after day are still irresistible.

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A customer who came to the sweet shop said that they have been seeing this way day after day. He also mentioned that the quality of the water used to prepare sweets in sweet shops is not good. Experts have always said that ordinary water contains heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, chromium and many more. Which creates stomach problems in the human body. It also helps in the fight against cancer in the body. The question is, who will look after these issues? Where a few tons of sweets are being sold every day throughout the state. The question remained.

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