#Kolkata: Behal National Road. Due to his bad state transport company. The North Bengal State Transport Corporation is facing losses every day. Sometimes fewer passengers, sometimes more fuel. This is accompanied by daily pain, tire damage and spring leaf damage. And with all this, we have to eat Himshim every day with 56 buses run by NBSTC. In the meantime, it takes 8 hours to go by bus from the airport to Krishnanagar. As a result, fuel consumption is increasing.

The main road from Kolkata to North Bengal is National Highway 34. Kochibihar AC, non AC, Volvo buses run from Kolkata along this road. A large part of this road has fallen into disrepair. One of which is part 7 from Barasat to Krishnanagar Some parts of Maldar. In all these places there are multiple large potholes on the road. And the accident is happening while driving through there. According to NBSTC sources, the spring leaf of the bus is breaking every day. The bus has to be changed at least 4 to 5 times per month. Along with this the bus tires have started to get bad.

A mechanical engineer at NBSTC said they have had to buy at least 100 new tires in the last two months. An NBSTC official said the bus’s tires were being punctured more than once. And it costs 1000 rupees to repair it again and again. Although it is not permanent. Anil Adhikari, Nodal Officer, NBSTC, said, “We are having problems with bus tires. It costs a lot of money to solve the problem.”

A total of 30 buses ply from Kolkata on multiple routes including Malda, Siliguri and Alipurduar. There are 26 buses plying from Kolkata to Murshidabad. And the cost of all these buses is increasing. The road to North Bengal has also changed due to bad roads. Earlier, the bus used to pass through Barasat-Krishnanagar. Now that the road is bad, the bus is going straight to Morgram via Burdwan, Futisanko. From there the government bus is going along National Highway No. 34. As a result, all the passengers who want to go to Krishnanagar by government bus are being deprived of that opportunity.

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On the other hand, going by bus takes more fuel. It takes more time. And there is a huge traffic jam on that road due to the increase in cars. Anil Babu said, “It is difficult for us if the number of passengers on the bus is decreasing and if the cost of fuel goes up.” According to NBSTC sources, non-AC buses on the normal route from Kolkata to Siliguri consume 300 liters of fuel. Now it has increased to 360 liters. The AC bus needed 340 liters of oil. That is now about 400 liters. 152 liters of oil is required to reach Malda from Kolkata. The non-AC bus now needs 175 liters of oil. As a result, the state government’s transport company has lost a huge amount of money in the way oil prices have started rising. As a result, in this situation, the transport corporation is very worried about the number of buses that can be run in the coming days.

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