Kolkata Traffic Police: Headphones in the ear, do not overtake with risk! The police tried to save the lives of the people

#Kolkata: The number of accidents is increasing in several areas of the city. As a result, pedestrians and drivers are being killed. Lalbazar is worried about the death of the driver of the vehicle after the news of the injury of the pedestrian.

According to the records of Kolkata Police, negligence of drivers or pedestrians is behind various accidents. CCTV footage from the time of the accident shows that people were killed in reckless bike races or bus races.

A few days ago, a policeman was killed in a bus mishap near Red Road. This is a new initiative of the Kolkata Traffic Police, almost every day. An innovative initiative was taken by the Kolkata Traffic Police on Saturday. Awareness campaign was going on all day on Saturday on behalf of various traffic guards of Kolkata Police.

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The program focuses on pedestrians and buses. Accidents are happening due to the negligence of the bus, which has been seen as the cause of several incidents in recent times. As can be seen in most cases, over-trekking of the bus brings virtually no danger.

On Saturday, the program was led by Kasba Traffic Guard and East Traffic Guard, like several traffic guards of Kolkata Police. Saturday all day. The East Traffic Guard is alerted to the dangers of pedestrians with headphones in their ears. Similarly, the Kasba Guard of Kolkata Traffic Police informed the speeding bus drivers about the danger.

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The drivers were also informed about the cause of the accident as the bus was speeding. East Traffic Guard Officer-in-Charge Nilesh Chowdhury said, “If the danger is a little less, it is better.” Nothing bigger than human life. So like every year this initiative of Kolkata Police. On Saturday, the police worked to make people aware throughout the day. The police will take various such programs even after Saturday.

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