#Kolkata: Traffic pressure is relatively low from Sunday morning to noon. Thousands of people were busy at Park Circus Seven Point (Bangla News). The two girls (Girl Trafficking) were constantly circling around Park Circus Seven Point like Dishahara. East Traffic Guard constable Tarak Chakraborty was noticing this unusual movement of theirs. Asking the question reveals the horrible trafficking table. In the end, the officer in charge of the traffic police agreed to rescue them. In the police activities, the trafficking of minorities (Bangla News | Girl Trafficking) is leaked in the city of Calcutta.

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On Sunday morning, the traffic police became suspicious when they saw the two girls walking hesitantly near Park Circus Seven Point. Their movements did not go well with the police on duty at Seven Point. Seeing the two minors, it seemed that the place was unfamiliar to them. Bangla News | Girl Trafficking The East Traffic Guard of Kolkata Police was on duty at Park Circus Seven Point on that day. Just then Constable Tarak Chakraborty brought them to Sergeant Snehashish Mukherjee and Ranjit Saha.

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Police decided to bring them to the kiosk without getting thousands of questions and proper answers. When they realized they were in danger, they were taken to a traffic kiosk in the East Guard. Fear and anxiety in the eyes of the two minors. (Bangla News | Girl Trafficking). Traffic policemen on duty give them food, water and milk and reassure them. This reduces their restlessness and anxiety a lot. According to the girl, both of them are residents of South 24 Parganas, one is 12 years old and the other is 8 years old.

Patience reveals their horrible experience through various questions. The girl said a woman from their village brought them to Kolkata to work. But without work, they are kept in one place, torture and intimidation continue. In the midst of beatings and quarrels, they were just waiting for an opportunity. Taking advantage of that opportunity, they somehow escaped. After that the two girls reached Seven Point.

After hearing about the two minors, the police guessed that the minors were brought to Calcutta for the purpose of trafficking. The East Guard police of the Kolkata Traffic Police immediately contacted the Beniapukur police station after hearing the whole incident. The two minors were handed over to Ashish Kumar Dey, Assistant Sub-Inspector of the police station and the whole matter was reported. They are now in the safe custody of the police station.

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