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Kolkata Tram || The last defense is not, the city’s favorite tram is going up? According to Firhad …


#Kolkata: For now, tram lovers will have to be content with a little. There is a risk of traffic jam due to slow speed. So for now, the state has no plans to expand the tram. Trump is seen as a heritage. So the tram will run only on the route where the road is wide. One of them is Khidirpur route from Dharmatala. Transport Minister Firhad Hakim said this in the assembly on Thursday.

During the question and answer session in the Assembly, MLA Debashish Kumar asked Transport Minister Firhad Hakim, “Will the tram route be expanded in Kolkata city?” The minister said this in his reply. Debashish Kumar later told the media, “The way pollution is increasing today, we know the tram as an environmentally friendly vehicle. Therefore, if the tram route is increased, it will be environmentally friendly. So I asked the transport minister in Kolkata what is the plan to increase the tram route?” “

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The Transport Minister explained, “What is going on will continue. Because trams run in Kolkata where there is a risk of traffic jams. We will take trams through congested areas. Like Chitpur Road, if there is a tram service here, there will be traffic jams all day long. There has been a lot of traffic congestion. But in some places we will definitely keep trams where there will be no traffic jams. For example, from Khidirpur to Dharmatala.

Tatum is one of the best attractions in Kolkata. Whether it is tradition or passion, there is a pride among the people of Kolkata about the tram. However, times have changed and the speed of the city has increased. The road has not increased compared to that. So over time, the tram line has become much smaller. Even if there is something as a heritage, you have to fill it with taste. However, many people think that trams can be kept for tourists as well as for regular passengers. It can also be run on holidays. So that the next generation can remember the beauty of Calcutta.


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