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Kolkata Weather: Mercury is coming down hu-hu, is it severe winter in Bengal this time? The Meteorological Department reports …


#Kolkata: Mercury (West Bengal Weather) is gradually descending across the state. Frozen in the morning. In Kolkata (Kolkata Weather) the temperature is below 19 degrees. Purulia-Sriniketan entered the room at 15 degrees. Mercury also falls below eight in the mountains. There is a risk of another depression in the Bay of Bengal next week.

In the morning, the mood of winter is increasing in Bengal. Temperatures in the districts are close to 15-16 degrees Celsius. Mercury in Sriniketan and Purulia touched 15 degrees. The onset of dry weather in Bengal. The weather will be similar in the next few days. There is no chance of rain. The autumn atmosphere is all over Bengal. As the night temperature is normal or below, it is like winter. A little fog somewhere in the early morning. At night and in the morning it feels like winter. The western districts will feel more like winter. The winter mood of the morning increased a little more. Such a situation will remain for the next few days.

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Purulia 15.1 degrees Celsius. Sriniketan 15.5 degrees Celsius. Panagarh 18.4 degrees Celsius. Bankura 18.4 degrees Celsius. Asansol 18.5 degrees Celsius. Barrackpore 18.4 degrees Celsius. 16 degrees Celsius in Burdwan. Bahrampur 19.4 degrees Celsius, Kalaikunda 18.4 degrees Celsius. 16.8 degrees Celsius in length. Canning 18.6 degrees Celsius.

The night temperature in Darjeeling dropped below 8 degrees Celsius to 6.9 degrees Celsius. There is no possibility of rain in North Bengal. Dry and cool weather. The night temperature will drop a bit in the next few days. The winter mood will increase a bit and the fog will increase in the morning.

Clear skies in Calcutta. The night temperature is 3 degrees below normal. Pleasant atmosphere in the morning. Such an environment will remain for the next few days. The daytime temperature dropped below 30 degrees and the night temperature dropped below 19 degrees.

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The minimum temperature this morning was 18.6 degrees Celsius. Which is 3 degrees lower than normal. The maximum temperature yesterday afternoon was 29.6 degrees Celsius. Normal. The relative humidity in the air is 39 to 94 percent. There was no rain in Calcutta.

There is a risk of new depression in the Bay of Bengal. There is a cyclone on the coast of Sumatra in the southeastern Bay of Bengal. The cyclone will turn into a depression by next Tuesday. Although there is no direct effect, indirect effects can cause a lot of water vapor to enter the state. The weather is likely to change in the coastal districts of South Bengal by the end of next week.

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The depression formed in the southeastern Bay of Bengal is located in the southeastern Arabian Sea. It will gradually move northwest towards the East Central Arabian Sea. It will increase its strength and move north-west. Can be in the form of strong depression. There are also two axes along the coasts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and cyclones along the coast of Maharashtra.

Rainfall in southern Indian states, including Tamil Nadu, due to low pressure and northeast monsoon. The next few days will see heavy rains in South India’s Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Karaikal and Kerala. Rain will fall in Kankan Goa, Central Maharashtra area.

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