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Kolkata’s first Srutarshi Tripathi wants to do research at NASA in future, Physics of choice – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Shrutarshi Tripathi 6 was the first in Kolkata and the fourth in the state Students of Pathbhavan School, Kolkata Srutarshi wants to do research at NASA in future His father was a professor of physics and the principal of Shurshuna College Srutarshi’s favorite subject is Physics 7 Besides, he loves to read books As there are story books in that list, so there are reading books

The teachers of his school Pathabhavan are happy with his result The headmistress of the school, Shubha Gupta, said that Sratarshi has been studying in our school since childhood Meritorious student 6 That was the expectation from him I thought it would bear good fruit That’s what happened I am very happy Besides reading, very good quiz, debating Shrutarshi, said Subhadi

Shrutarshi 7 has been in Pathabhaban since childhood Class 11 will be admitted DP S, Ruby Park 6 The kind of physics he wants to pursue in the future is one of a kind For now, Shrutarshi Tripathi has given important tips for those who will take the secondary examination tomorrow. He said that you have to rely on yourself, that is the most important thing

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After announcing the result, Shrutarshi’s father called the headmistress of Pathabhaban There is also talk with Srutarshi However, the media is currently in the middle of the best 7 in Kolkata Now he is busy giving interviews So it will be a little late to come to school However, Shrutarshi will come to the school and meet all the teachers Because the foundation of his studies has been made in this school She is very much loved by the teachers of the school

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