Kolutola Fire: There was no fire extinguishing system in building No. 11 Kolutola

#Kolkata: Kolutola Fire broke out at 11:30 a.m. today on Kolutola Street. According to the locals, smoke started coming out from the verandah of a two-storey house on the side of the road. The fire spread within a moment. After a while, two fire engines arrived at the scene. But the flames became so intense that the water from the two fire engines ran out of water within a moment. In the twenties came the water-filled fire engine.

At first, firefighters began extinguishing the fire on the porch across the street. Firefighters and disaster management and local youths joined hands. The firefighters were unable to enter the building for two hours. Finally, the firefighters were able to enter the building.

Since the building is in Kalutola area, the roads are very narrow. As a result, it is very difficult for the fire brigade to get around. All the offices in the building are made of plywood and wood. The windows, doors and verandah pillars are all made of wood. As a result, the fire spread in an instant. The fire brigade had to go to extinguish the fire.

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The fire was brought under control by 6 pm and the fire brigade started cooling. No casualties were reported in the blaze till evening. The firefighting system in the building was not proper. That is what the firefighters were claiming. A total of 25 to 30 engines were used to put out the fire.


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