#Kolkata: Krishnagar Jagadhatri Puja (Krishnagar Jagadhatri Puja 2021) was rejected by the Calcutta High Court. However, the court left it up to the local administration to decide whether the idol could be abandoned. Last year too, the abandonment of the idol on the shoulder or the abandonment of the idol at Sang was canceled. That instruction was issued again. An appeal was filed in the High Court against that order.

On this day, the Calcutta High Court has made it clear that the practice of abandoning idols on one’s shoulders, which has been going on for a long time, cannot be done this year as it was last year. Because this year also Kovid rules have to be obeyed everywhere. But in this tradition a lot of people gather. That is why the abandonment of idols will be completely symbolic this year as well. Idol abandonment has to be done in very few arrangements. However, in that case also the permission of the administration has to be taken.

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One of the attractions of Krishnagar Jagadhatri Puja 2021 is this procession of devotion. The big pujas of the city are abandoned in the morning. And from the evening onwards, the episode of devotion to the deity begins. After all, Krishnanagar, even visitors from far and wide, stay up all night standing or sitting on the street watching the desolation. After visiting Mejma, Chhotma and Burima in the morning, everyone returned home. According to custom, the Tagore of all the neighborhoods came in front of the Krishnanagar palace before pressing the shoulders of the Beharas. Then travel along the city highway towards Jalangi river.

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But why this tradition? It is said that the female members of the royal family of Krishnanagar were not allowed to visit the idol outside the house. But so that they also get the opportunity to see the idol, that is why the royal family started a rule. Well, all the idols will go around the palace first, then the idols will be dumped in the river Jalangi. While walking around the palace, the female members used to stand on the verandah and visit the idol. Even today that rule is being observed with style. That rule was broken, so everyone from eight to eighty is furious at not being able to accept. There was even a blockade on Bhasan’s demand following the custom. One child died in the ambulance after being trapped in that blockade.

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Last year, Krishnanagar’s tradition was broken last year due to coronary heart disease. Due to Corona Atimari, the ritual of abandoning the pot and idol of Jagadhatri Pujo was unanimously stopped. Krishnanagar residents were hoping this time, maybe this time the ban will not be issued. Just as people have been able to enjoy Durga Pujo or Kalipujo, so will Jagadhatri Pujo. But a couple of days ago, the pujo officials of the city were called and it was made clear that this time too, the sang practice should be stopped. No idol will go even for going around the palace. An appeal was filed against him. But the High Court said ‘no’.

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