#Kolkata: ‘Let me tell you something,’ said an old man. ‘Look, there is a problem with drinking water. Even if water comes, its flow is very low ‘.

Basundhara Goswami, a newcomer to the electoral battle, was listening intently. Khiti Goswami’s daughter, but Trinamool candidate 6 Bashundhara Goswami (KMC Elections 2021), the Trinamool candidate of ward no. Bashundhara, who was given active participation in politics for the first time, is listening to the complaints of lack of people in the area He also writes about local problems in his notebook

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He submitted his nomination papers a couple of days ago. The campaign is going on vigorously in the morning and afternoon. On Thursday morning, Bashundhara Goswami preached from house to house in Vijaygarh, Mahendragarh area of ​​ward no.

The late Kshitij Goswami, the minister of Baba Bam period, but the straight answer of Bashundhara in the election campaign, the identity of Baba Dada in the polling station is not real, it is real to work people in the streets. Bashundhara said that there was no problem in Jadavpur, once known as the Left Fort, even though the daughter of a leftist leader was a candidate of the right wing party.

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As if we are hearing about the problem of drinking water in the campaign, some people are also complaining about sanitation after getting close to Bashundhara. So he is now recording all the allegations. So that if the area councilor is elected after December 21, he can solve the problems.

Bashundhara 7 is giving a little exceptional promise by going out to campaign in the polling station He wants to do development work using such natural ingredients. He also has a plan to collect rainwater in every house or on the roof of the house and use it. At the same time, Bashundhara said that they will keep an eye on the delivery of citizen services.

Amit Sarkar

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