Kumartuli: Now worship separately, why is Kumartuli saying this?

#Kolkata: Since the days of Mahalaya, Kumartuli’s Tagore has been reaching all places including various puja pandals or baroari. There was such a commotion when Thakur was taken away that someone would move the electric wire on the road to remove it. Tagore used to make sure that he was not harmed in any way. It goes without saying that there is no such situation now. Last time Bengal saw unpretentious Durga Pujo. This fort festival is world famous. The lion’s share of Durgapujo is universal in West Bengal. The Durga Pujo Committees worship by collecting donations one by one.

The financial crisis of the people made the same impression on Durgopujo as it did last time. Going to Kumartuli in the morning, it is safe to say that the Durga idol of such a huge height was almost not seen. According to the makers of Tagore, this time there are more quotations than last time. Since the Corona Third Wave has not yet set foot, many are doing Durga Pujo this time.

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The vehicles that carried the idol of Thakur could be seen in the past, big trucks or trolleys were arranged by the organizers of Pujo. This time the number of cars was not much bigger than the matador. Suchandrima Ponda, the creator of Tagore in Kumartuli, claims that Tagore’s height and size have decreased due to the financial crisis. Ten to twelve feet of tagore has been made by hand. Most of the tagore is between five and eight feet. Many claim that although Tagore’s quote has increased a little since last time, due to the small size of Tagore, the profit has decreased a little. The last quote was received fifteen days ago. Rain on the other hand, depression. As a result, many did not dare to make a big tagore. After donating the mother’s eye to the touch of art, everyone looked at the mother. If his blessings cut the drought! The tendency of pujo entrepreneurs to take tagore from morning is noticeable. Pujo started for Bengalis.

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