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Kunal Ghosh got pleasure from Rahul Sinha’s words, why? – News18 Bangla


Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: This time Tarja started anew in the Char debate. BJP leader Rahul Sinha has claimed that Kunal Ghosh has been kept as a grassroots spy in the BJP. Recently, Trinamool state general secretary and spokesperson Kunal Ghosh claimed that several BJP leaders were waiting to come to the Trinamool, and they were the ones reporting the party.

After hearing this, Rahul Sinha claimed that it was Kunal Ghosh who informed them that he was the BJP’s spy. And Rahul Sinha had a lot of fun with this statement, said Trinamool leader Kunal Ghosh. He said, “I am happy with Rahul Sinha’s words. The man who attacked me got 6 If I am a BJP spy, then why there will be a case in Tripura? Why would ED-CBI be against me? “

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At the same time, he added, “And if I was a pirate, would he really say my name?” He is saying the name of a big source like me? I have said that there are grassroots sources in BJP. I didn’t even mention their names. “

Speaking on the occasion, Rahul Sinha told reporters, “We got the news of the Trinamool meeting from Kunal Ghosh. We have left Kunal Ghosh at the grassroots as a spy. Because, if there is anyone who is most angry with Mamata Banerjee, it is Kunal Ghosh. ‘ The controversy started with the words of BJP MP Jagannath Sarkar.

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Recently, BJP MPs have publicly claimed that there are several grassroots spies within the party. Leaving the party uncomfortable, the Ranaghat MP claimed that the grassroots spies have joined the party due to lack of discipline in the party. He remarked that just as there are spies in the country, there are also some crooks and brokers in the party. There is also in the grassroots, there is also in the BJP. Who inform each other. Tathagata Roy supported the Jagannath government. After that, BJP leader Rahul Sinha said that Kunal Ghosh was their pirate. If Kunal Ghosh’s answer is, “In fact, he is a traveler. He lost in turn. “

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