Kunal Ghosh: Kunal in Tripura over Ramayana in Gero case, Shuvendu’s brother in court against Trinamool leader

#Kolkata: Four more cases have been filed against Trinamool spokesperson and state general secretary Kunal Ghosh in Tripura. Three cases were filed this week in the wake of Kunal Ghosh’s two comments in Tripura. Notice was also sent to the Trinamool leader from Amarpur, Ompi police station. Earlier, two more cases were filed against him. As a result, a total of 9 cases were filed against the Trinamool leader. Meanwhile, a case was also filed against him in Bengal. His brother Soumendu Adhikari filed a defamation suit against Trinamool leader Kunal Ghosh for making obscene remarks against Shuvendu Adhikari while standing in Nandigram.

However, as the number of cases in Tripura increased, Kunal Ghosh said, “Let there be so many cases, let the government arrest me without working on the notice.” Kunal Ghosh tweeted that he was crossing Agartala on Thursday. He also took with him several Ramayana and Oxford University related papers. At the same time, he wrote in a tweet, “The Tripura government has filed four more cases in my name. Exactly in one stream. So far 9 cases have been registered in this regard. They will attack saying Joy Sriram. If I say Sita’s underworld, it is a case. Today I am going to Agartala. Let the police arrest me without working on so many cases and notices. In the context of the three new cases, Kunal Ghosh said, “The BJP is also cornered in Tripura. They are scared. They are conspiring to distract the grassroots leaders with their attacks and lawsuits. That is why he has filed three cases again.

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On the other hand, Soumendu, brother of Shuvendu Adhikari, filed a case against Kunal Ghosh under Section 500 of the Indian Penal Code in Kanthi Court on Thursday. Soumendubabu’s lawyer Anirban Chakraborty said the summons would reach the accused soon.

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Trinamool leader Kunal Ghosh attacked Shuvendu Adhikari in Nandigram on Wednesday. Attacking Shuvendu Adhikari in Belagam language, he said, “Shuvendu Adhikari, if you are the son of one father, we will evict you from Nandigram. Shall I chase Shuvendu Adhikari from this ground by neck, win the vote by load shedding? ” Kunal Ghosh also heard multiple phrases in his mouth. On the same day, Soumendubabu said, “The remarks made by Kunal Ghosh in Nandigram yesterday have brought me and my family into disrepute. So I approached the court to seek justice. Now let’s see if he comes to attend. “

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