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#Kolkata: The pre-poll campaign is in full swing. Meanwhile, the party’s state general secretary Kunal Ghosh was campaigning in support of Trinamool candidate Ayan Chakraborty in ward no. He also went to a blood donation camp. A young man asks her to go to his house to see her newborn son. The CPM procession came through the side road just ahead of Kunal. Sujan Chakraborty and Rabin Debra were walking in support of the candidate. Both are known to Kunal. Kunal raised his courtesy hand and walked towards them. After that, the people of the area faced a rare scene in the polling booth. Forgetting the faction, both sides exchanged courtesies with smiles this Sunday morning.

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It can be seen that Sujan Chakraborty of CPM raised his hand of counter courtesy as soon as Kunal Ghosh of Trinamool came forward. The CPM procession stopped for a moment. Rabin Dev and Sujan Babura came forward. Kunal bowed to veteran leftist leader Rabin Dev. Since that center is also Kunal’s home ward, Rabin said to Kunal, “Where is your candidate?” Kunal said, “On the other hand, there is a campaign. It will come a little later.”

Sujan Chakraborty also came forward laughing. Come forward and join hands with Kunal. Kunal said, “Grandpa will talk later.” And leaving the tu-tu-maya-maya of politics, the locals are shocked at these moments. This is not the end. Kunal was on stage when the CPM procession turned around. He told Mike, “The CPM procession is going. I stopped Mike for their convenience. Rabin Da, Sujan Da are the guests of our ward. I greet them.”

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In his speech, Kunal, however, called on the BJP, the CPM and the Congress to defeat the Trinamool. It is to be mentioned that BJP, CPM and Congress are campaigning against the Trinamool in ward no. Provincial Congress president Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury also did a road show on Saturday. Kunal said in his speech, “Abhishek Banerjee’s directive is that there will be free voting. The three parties are working hand in hand in secret. We will not look at all this. Ayon Chakraborty will win the people’s vote with a positive attitude.”

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