#Kolkata: He was not even physically off the list as a star preacher. That is why Trinamool general secretary Kunal Ghosh did not miss that opportunity in the last phase of Bhabanipur campaign. Despite being on the list as a star campaigner, he commented on Garhaji’s BJP MP Locket Chatterjee. And from there the argument between the two began. But seeing the trend of Bhabanipur By Poll Results, Kunal again ‘stabbed’ the locket. However, some sections of the political circles see this ‘stab’ as a ‘message’. In the end, however, Mamata Banerjee won in Bhabanipur by a record 5732 votes.

A few days ago, Kunal Ghosh tweeted by tagging Locket Chatterjee. He wrote, “Thanks and best wishes to star campaigner Locket Chatterjee for not campaigning in Bhabanipur. You did not campaign despite many requests from the BJP. I wish you success as a friend wherever you are. May those early days of politics come back to life in this small world.” After this tweet, the speculation about the locket increased.

Seeing the situation, Locket retweeted. In response to Kunal’s tweet, the counter-BJP MP wrote, “You should focus on Mamata Banerjee so that she does not lose to Bhabanipur.” Kunal did not take the time to retweet Locket. “Don’t worry. Mamata Banerjee will win by a big margin in Bhabanipur. You must want the same in your mind. But you still have to write for the party. But even then you have to pronounce the name of the BJP candidate. Thank you. Kahi pe nigahe kahi pe nishana, weldan. ”

“So, we’ve done our job,” Kunal wrote, referring to Lockett’s tweet shortly after the results were released. I hope you are happy and satisfied. ‘ Lockett, however, did not take the time to reply. He wrote back to Kunal, ‘Finally you have learned how to follow instructions. That is also from the side of BJP. It looks good. Does Mamata Banerjee know that? ‘

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In the Bhabanipur by-election, the state BJP not only jumped with all its might, but also the Union ministers came to campaign. There were also questions within the BJP about Lockett’s absence. However, a section of the party said that Lockett was busy with the meetings of various committees of the parliament and the preparations for the Uttarakhand elections. He himself said that. However, the way the speculation has been made about the locket in the context of Bhabanipur, Kunal Ghosh’s tweet added a new dimension to it.

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