Kunal Ghosh summoned by Tripura Police | Kunal Ghosh was summoned to the police station today

#Agartala: Sargaram Tripura before Abhishek’s visit. Trinamool leader Kunal Ghosh was summoned by Tripura Police to Agartala West Police Station. He has been asked to appear by noon today. Thus, the grassroots claim that the summons in one day is unprecedented. Sources said that he will appear at the West Police Station by 12 noon on Saturday.

Kunal Ghosh told News18, “Tripura police have filed a case in my name. I have been searched since last night for a piece of paper. The BJP has directed the police to arrest me before the inaugural meeting on Sunday and before the upcoming pre-poll. I am also a Hindu. I am a believer in God. I also greet Ramchandra. ? Why did you have to go underground? “

Kunal explained, “BBJP wants to open Hindutva shop and get votes. We are against politics in the name of religion. We want harmony, solidarity. Let religion be with itself. Let there be fight for bread, cloth and house in the arena of politics.

Kunal Ghosh thinks he is terrified of the BJP’s inaugural visit to Tripura. His argument is that the grassroots are afraid. They are cornered in our campaign. They want to silence. Kunal thinks that people are becoming aware against the politics of their extremist Hindutva. In his words, I am unmasking the game of religious politics to divert attention from the continuous rise in prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas. So this case is due to repression. I got the news that the police are looking for him. I still don’t know what’s in their paper or letter.

On the other hand, the Trinamool Congress has already approached the Supreme Court regarding Tripura The BJP has been accused of committing terrorism and intimidation. MP Sushmita Deb has also written a letter to the Governor in this regard. So before the pre-poll, BJP vs Trinamool Sargaram Tripura 7

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