Kunal Ghosh vs Locket Chatterjee | Locket-Kunal’s explosive argument in public! Rukhasukha Bhabanipur was jammed at the end

#Kolkata: He is not physically from the list. So on the last day of the Bhabanipur campaign, Trinamool general secretary Kunal Ghosh did not want to miss the opportunity. Although he was on the list as a star campaigner, he commented on Garhaji’s locket. And the controversy that started from there finally froze the field of propaganda of Bhabanipur.

On this day, Kunal Ghosh first tweeted about Locket Chatterjee. He wrote, “Thanks and best wishes to star campaigner Locket Chatterjee for not campaigning in Bhabanipur. You did not campaign despite many pleas from the BJP. I wish you success as a friend wherever you are. Don’t stop here. Let the days come back again. “

Small tweets, but not harmless. Kunal wanted to say that the path of locket in BJP is not smooth at all. Rather, the days of that transition may come back with another decision. Is that decision a change of party? Locket entered the hall from the speculation. Lockett, who worked as an assistant in-charge in Uttarakhand, wrote, “You should focus on Mamata Banerjee so that Bhabanipur does not lose.”

Netdunia became full of sarcasm and counter-answers. Kunal Ghosh replied to that tweet again. This time directly to Forehand Kunal. On Twitter, he wrote to Locket, “Don’t worry, Mamata Banerjee will win by a big margin. You want the same in your mind. But you still have to write for the party. But thank you for not mentioning the name of the BJP candidate even then.” Nigahe kahi pe nishana, weldan. “

The party had asked Locket to be a candidate in Bhabanipur as part of the political establishment. Lockett not only politely declined the offer. Besides, another section of the BJP thinks that the outcome of this battle has been fixed for a long time. Kunal seems to want to explain that Locket is a man from the second camp. Kunal is keeping in mind not to mention the name of Priyanka Tibrewal to sprinkle salt on the cut.

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