Lakhimpur Kheri Violence | Tmc: Arrested Priyanka, Trinamool delegation in fiery Lakhimpur today! Terrible allegations in the Yogi kingdom

#Lakhimpur: Fatal incidents in Yogi kingdom. It is alleged that two farmers were killed and two others were shot dead in the convoy of the Union Minister in Lakhimpur Kheri in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh. Not only that, after that incident, 4 farmers and 4 more people have been killed in the clashes so far. Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee roared at the incident on the day of the Bhabanipur polls. A Trinamool delegation is going to Lakhimpur today.

It is learned that the farmers had united in protest against the visit of Union Minister of State Ajay Mishra and Deputy Chief Minister Keshab Maurya. And there were serious allegations. A vehicle of the Union Minister’s convoy crushed two farmers and left. It is learned that the son of Union Minister Ajay Mishra was in the car. And as soon as this news spread, the area took the appearance of a battlefield.

A total of 6 people including 4 farmers were killed in the clash. However, Union Minister of State Ajay Mishra claimed that his son was not in the convoy. If there was, the farmers would have beaten him to death. However, the opposition entered the hall immediately after the incident. On the day of her landslide victory in the by-elections, Mamata Banerjee tweeted: The indifferent attitude of the BJP towards the farmers has given me deep pain. On Monday, a team of five Trinamool MPs will go to meet the families of the affected farmers. We are unconditionally supporting our farmers. It is learned that Kakli Ghosh Dastidar, Dola Sen, Pratima Mandal, Abir Ranjan and Sushmita Dev of Trinamool are going to Lakhimpur Kheri on this day.

Protesting farmers are becoming more angry after the incident in Lakhimpur. The Kisan Morcha, a farmers’ organization, has called for a nationwide protest against the incident. Protests have been called in front of the district magistrate’s office in different districts of the country on Monday afternoon. Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait said protesting farmers from Punjab and Haryana have already started coming to Uttar Pradesh. The farmers’ organization also claimed that 10 people were injured in the incident. Despite promising to investigate the incident, the local administration said Section 144 may be issued in Lakhimpur Kheri area to avoid noise. As a result, it remains to be seen whether the grassroots delegation will be able to reach the spot. Incidentally, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi tried to go to Lakhimpur on the same day. He left for Lakhimpur before dawn on Monday. But he was reportedly obstructed in many places.

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Priyanka also tweeted about it at midnight on Sunday. He wrote, ‘This is the country of the peasantry, not the country of the BJP. I am not committing any crime in Lakhimpur. I just want to go visit the families of the victims. Why am I being stopped anyway? ‘ It is learned that the police have taken him into custody and he has been taken to the district police office.

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