Lakshmi puja 2021 | Rain alert | Lakshmipujo market disrupted by ‘misfortune’ rains

#Kolkata: Continuous rain from tomorrow. And as a result Lakshmi Puja (Lakshmi puja 2021) market Shunshan. According to those who are selling Lakshmi idols, buyers are not coming for the rain. Last time he took 200 tagurs, this time he has taken 100 tagors, he is also responsible for selling the tagore. On the other hand, there is no such crowd in the fruit market. Those who are buying the fruit did not think about how much the price has increased! According to the fruit sellers, the price of fruits has not increased in a few days and will not increase. Everyone is sitting with other ingredients of pujo like sesame seeds, coconut seeds, rice husks, dabs, palm shells, but there are no buyers. Everyone is waiting. If 2 to 3 hours of rain falls in the afternoon, the market may be a little better.

Meanwhile, the weather office says that there is still a rain alert in South Bengal. There will be thunderstorms in Kolkata and adjoining areas due to strong winds.

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Let’s take a look at the market price of essential items in Lakshmipujo-

Fruits required for worship-

Watermelon 40 kg Musambi 10-25 Oranges 10-12 Taka Piece Water Fruit 50 Kg Coconut 40-60 Taka Piece Apple 150 Kg Pear 150 Taka Khejur 100 Taka Cucumber 50 Guava 100 Taka. Vedana 200 rupees per kg sesame seeds 20 rupees (packet 1 * 10) Coconut seeds 20 rupees per packet

Vegetable prices – Lake Market

Patal 90 / kg, Dana Patal 50-60 / kg (price has not changed since before Pujo)

Shrimp 50-60 / kg has been running for two weeks

Eggplant was 100 / kg in the days of Pujo. Today 80 / kg (large size), small size 70 / kg

Cauliflower (price as size), large size price was 50 rupees per piece, today large size flower copy is 40 rupees per piece, small ones are being sold as 25 to 35 size.

Bound copy

During Pujo, the price of a good copy of large size is 50 / kg, today it is 40 / kg tomato, it was 100 / kg, today it is 70-80 / kg, sweet pumpkin is 30/40 kg (this price is going on). Pumpkin was 40-50 per piece (size) today 35-40.

Spinach 25-30 rupees 500 grams Sajon was 150 / kg, today 140 / kg

Fish meat prices

Chicken Chicken Meat 180/160 Taka per kg Cut 230-240 / kg (last two weeks this price) Domestic Chicken 300 / kg Lobster 800 / kg Chapra Shrimp 350 / kg Bagda Shrimp 900 / kg (This price has been going on for last few days)

Whole Rui 200 / kg (Desi) Cut 250 / kg Andhra Rui 160 / kg

500 / kg per purse (local)

Katla whole 280-300 / kg if the bot is big 350 cut 400-450 / kg


Hilsa weighing 1.5 kg and above is 1800 / kg and the previous price of Pujo is 1800 rupees

Hilsa weighs 1300 / kg in 800-1 kg weight, earlier it was 900-1000 / kg

Tangra 400 / kg Vetki 400-450 / kg (Price by weight)

Potatoes Onions Garlic

Chandramukhi 22-24 / kg Jyoti 18 / kg Onion 60 / kg (a week before Pujo it was 40 / kg) Garlic 250/300 kg

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