Lakshmi Puja Market: Lakshmi Puja Market in Kojagari

Kolkata: Rain overnight. In that rain, there are no people on the streets since Monday morning. The scene of Lakshmi Tagore buying and marketing fruits from the morning before Lakshmi Puja 2021 did not catch the eye this time. Starting from Bhabanipur Jadubabur Bazaar on Monday morning, all the markets like Lake Market, Goriya, Jadavpur were visited – almost all the markets were empty till 12 noon. The traders were of the opinion that if the rain subsided for two to three hours in the afternoon, then the market sales could go up a bit. But their hopes were dashed and the rain continued to fall.

According to those who buy and worship the little Goddess Lakshmi Idol at home, if a drop of water falls on the idol, the color will be lost. That’s why you don’t take the risk of buying idols. One idol seller claimed that he could not sell even half of the Ganesha idols he had brought to Ganesha Pujo. He brought 250 idols of Lakshmi last year. This time he has brought 100 idols. He sold only two tags till 5 pm on Monday.

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Fruit shops are absolutely empty. Other times it could be seen, the buyer returning to Lakshmipujo’s market would say, fire in the fruit market! This time the sellers are sitting and practically chasing flies. For two years in a row, the economic downturn in Corona has caused everyone in Pujo to rush.

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On top of that, with the increase in the incidence of rain, people are less likely to set foot on the roads. However, traders are hoping that their sales will increase as soon as the rains stop. Parvati Haldar came from Jayanagar with palm fronds, small dabs and sheaves of paddy. He got up in the morning by train and sat in the market. The sheaves of rice are beautifully braided. To his chagrin, none of his possums were sold until five in the afternoon. All in all, the hopes of the sellers in the Lakshmipujo market for Lakshmi are still far away.

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