Somraj Banerjee, Calcutta: This time ‘Lakshmi’s treasure’ is the center of attraction of the government at the door. And to implement that Lakshmi Bhandar project, a huge amount of money is going to be spent from the government treasury, at least according to sources. According to sources, the project will cost more than Tk 15,000 crore a year. However, the officials of the finance department think that the cost may exceed 15 thousand crore years. Initially, the state government is moving ahead with the assumption that two crore women will benefit from Lakshmi’s treasury. However, the number of applications submitted by Lakshmi Bhandar is already close to 2 crore. In that case, the state finance department thinks that the amount of this money may increase further.

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This time the government camps are the most crowded for Lakshmi’s Bhandar project. The attraction of the government camp at the previous door was the health companion card. But this time the crowd was broken. There is only one reason – Lakshmi’s treasure. Many people said that the key of the blue house was hidden in the sky half of the Ekushey vote. The mother and sisters of Bengal have voted for the daughter of Bengal. And this time after the vote, Mamata Banerjee’s government is generous for mothers and sisters. This Lakshmi project is a super hit from the very beginning.

According to sources, the Khabar Lakshmi Bhandar project could cost more than Tk 15,000 crore a year from the state exchequer. In that case, it is likely to cost Rs 1,300 to 1,400 crore every month from the state exchequer. In that case, if two crore women get this benefit every month, then the state treasury officials think that the cost will come from the state treasury. However, funds have already been allocated for the Women and Child Welfare and Social Welfare Department.

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In the relevant state, this time the female voters are about 49 percent 3 crore 56 lakh 90 thousand 37 in the form of numbers. 2 crore 91 lakh 65 thousand 26 people voted in it. According to observers, Mamata Banerjee got the support of the majority of women in this year’s assembly polls. And this time he is talking. Lakshmi’s treasure is for women.

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